Save the Planet. Save your Wallet. 

Want a bigger tax refund? Receive 47% of the total cost of your system back when you file your taxes.

Change your life. Save money right away. Own your power with “limited time” government assistance. $0 down ownership is now cheaper than paying an electric bill.

Federal & State Tax Incentives

As a South Carolina homeowner, you can be entitled to 47% back of the total cost of solar equipment and installation in the form of a tax credit.

Federal Government = 22%

SC State Government = 25%

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Interested in how much power you could offset with solar?

Take 2 minutes to send us your most recent utility bill and receive a FREE design and offset report. Then schedule an appointment to go over your savings report.

She got 'em. Now you can too.

Homeowners across the U.S. are taking advantage of this government-subsidized program before it runs out. You no longer need to invest money into solar and wait for it to pay you back. Nor do you have to be wealthy to benefit from solar anymore.

With $0 down, your monthly payments can be less than or equal to your current cost for power. It is now the cheaper and cleaner way to buy power.


Quick Solar Benefits

What if your utility company called you today and gave you an end date of when you could stop paying them? Would you be interested? Or would you want to pay them forever?

  • Solar benefits you today, by saving 12 months of free electricity. For the average home, this is about $4,000 in savings you could experience right away!
  • After 12 months, monthly payments are typically still lower than or equal to what you pay your utility for the same amount of power. Own your own power and save every month by switching to solar.
  • Lock in your monthly payment to avoid outrageous price increases from your utility. Average utility rate increases in South Carolina are 3-5% per year.
  • When paid off, say goodbye to all or the portion of your utility bill that the solar covers.
  • Average solar energy user receives $10K-$15K+ of 1:1 Tax Credits
  • A typical homeowner can save anywhere from $30,000 to $175,000 over time by switching to clean energy.
  • Increase your home value by $15,000-$45,000.

Did you know?

Buying power from our utility is not only detrimental to our environment,

but the

cost INCREASES every year. SCE&G has increased rates 28 out of past 30 ye


These increases have equaled to a

4.55 percent

increase on average a year! Solar



price is fixed. The difference is your savings from Day One and many more years to

Buying power from our utility is not only detrimental to our environment but the cost increases annually. SCE&G/Dominion has increased rates 28 out of past 30 years totaling to a 4.55% increase on average per year! Solar’s price is fixed. The difference is your savings from day one and many more years to come!

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Stable Payment

No surprises, the same payment every month

Pay Less

While utility increases, you pay less on day one

Clean Energy

From the sun to your roof, for all your needs