Breaking News -SCE&G (Dominion) Updates Policy Making Solar Less Affordable in SC (effective in 2 weeks)

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South Carolina lawmakers decline to remove limits on solar
September 5, 2018

April 18, 2019

Jon Mason here from South Carolina Solar Project, your local 5 star rated installer.

It may not be the end of solar in SC but it may very well be the end of solar making financial sense in SC.

SCE&G (Dominion) is changing their 1-1 buyback rate.  All solar applications received after May 3 will be compensated at significantly reduced buyback rates.
If you ever thought solar was going to be cheaper in the future, it might be time to reconsider that forecast.
Tax incentives are going away and 1-1 net metering is now going away.  Any perceived future lower equipment costs by holding out will not even come close to losing out on both these HUGE financial benefits.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money by simply refusing to act on the government’s offer in a timely manner.
Based off of 6+ years in the industry in multiple markets, I’m trying to be clear in telling you
Right now is absolutely the best time for solar if you know that you are definitely going to do it at some point in the future.
Thankfully, they are still allowing a small window of time for you to get “grandfathered” in under the 1-1 net metering policy.  If you submit your application before May 3, you will get grandfathered into the existing buyback policy and you will still be eligible for the highest solar tax incentives in SC history.
I’ll give you a quick analogy hopefully I can relate…
If you were ever an AT&T customer in the past, remember the time when people were so happy that they got grandfathered into the unlimited data plan, instead of paying ever rising data rates based off of usage?  Maybe you are even one of the lucky ones to still be on one of those older plans?  Or maybe you have a legacy checking account with no monthly fees at your local bank (and the banker that you trust tells you to never upgrade that account).  Well, that’s pretty much what’s going on here.

The next 2 weeks are your last opportunity for 1-1 net metering.  If this solar policy doesn’t get re-opened, this will be the last time solar will be this affordable in SC period.  That’s not speculation, that’s a fact.

Get in now if you are still considering solar or risk losing your ability to truly reap all the financial benefits you are currently entitled to.

Find out more details about the SCE&G Net Metering Cap Notification and May 3 Deadline here:
Your family deserves to get all the answers in order to make the best possible decision.  If you have a question about this or anything else solar related, my door is always open to you.  See contact info below.
Let the sun power your day.
Jonathan Mason
Solar Consultant
South Carolina Solar Project
843.235.1035 Ext: 701