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The South Carolina Solar Project is an outreach program that helps South Carolina homeowners make the easy and newly affordable switch to solar energy. Working in ordinance with state- and federal-run solar programs, the project strives to provide awareness and education to homeowners on the benefits of government energy subsidies. The project pairs residents with local, pre-screened installers fueling confidence in revolutionizing the way we produce and consume power.

Structured around community, the project has committed to giving back. We pledge to DONATE a residential-sized solar system to a local public building after 50 homeowners make the switch to solar energy.

We strive to give not only YOU, but also our community new solutions that benefit all of our futures collectively.

South Carolina has some of the highest solar incentives in the nation currently. 47% of the TOTAL COST is subsidized by government incentives (22% federal and 25% state). 

Due to the assistance from the federal and state government, the program is $0 down so you don’t pay a penny out of pocket! 

In most cases it’s actually cheaper to own solar than it is to consume electricity from a utility company. In other words, if you can afford your power bill, you can ditch it for a cheaper solar bill. Save money every month and after its paid off, you can say signora to a utility bill, FREE clean energy from here on out!

Yes! In fact, dollar for dollar, solar will increase the value of your home more than remodeling the kitchen or building an extension. Based on thousands of home sales, solar was shown to increase home value by at least $15,000. 

A typical solar system will last 35-40 years. All system equipment comes with a 25-year warranty, including a 25-year production guarantee to ensure maximum system performance.

No, the installation process is incredibly secure and we warranty every roof against leaking or damage.

Not to worry! All of your equipment is fully guaranteed for 25 years. Our trusted install partners also include additional warranties on production, workmanship and labor – even your roof! Plus, we include system monitoring at no cost so that you can feel confident your solar is doing its job.

You need to be a homeowner, have a decent credit score and tax liability. To have tax liability means that you pay income tax through out the year (out of your pay check) or at the end of the year when you file a tax return. Rule of thumb is, if you’re working, collecting retirement, alimony or on investments, solar WILL BE a viable option for you. 

Homes with solar sell 20% faster than homes without across the nation. Also, solar causes your home to have a higher sticker price; Berkeley Labs and the Department of Energy have concluded a typical home’s value will increase by at least $15,000. All warranties and agreement are easily transferable to the next homeowner.

The three scenarios when selling your home before end of agreement:

  • Best-case scenario: Have solar panels appraised with home, increase sticker price based on appraised value. Transfer remainder of agreement over to new homeowner. Save every month with solar and cash out on the profit you just made on your home sale with solar.
  • Noble seller scenario: Have solar panels appraised with home, increase sticker price based on appraised value. Save every month with solar then pay off the remainder of the agreement with what you just made off of your home value increase while taking the difference as profit. The new homeowner eliminates a bill he would have to pay otherwise.
  • Worst-case scenario: Let’s say for some reason your home value doesn’t increase and all the studies and data Berkeley Labs and the Department of Energy conducted for 14 years was “bologna”. Save every month with solar and transfer the agreement to the new homeowner when selling the home. What homeowner would say “no” to only a couple more years of cheaper power bills? Which would you take, a couple more years of power bills or endless electric bills? No brainer, NO RISK! ONLY REWARD!

We sure do. Need us to speak at an HOA meeting and properly educate members/residents on the benefits of solar? Are you a real estate agent that would like more information on solar? Or are you and your neighbors jointly considering solar energy and would like a presentation? We do it all and the best part, it’s FREE. Enter your information below for a seminar request or check our blog page for regularly scheduled seminars. 

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