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Realize Your Savings

Submit your bill below and receive a customized Offset and Shading report for your home for FREE with no obligation! Please allow 24 hours for email delivery.

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    The Process

    There is a process to going solar and saving money, lucky for you we take care of 95% of it.

    You just worry about step 1!

    Send in a picture of your bill/usage
    and receive a FREE customized shading and solar offset report

    Design & Qualify
    Schedule an appointment with an expert from our team for education and qualification
    . We take care of everything from here.  

    Site Survey
    We get on your roof
     for about 30 minutes and confirm our design.

    We take care of the paperwork with all regulatory agencies (i.e., HOA, city/county, utility company).

    Quick Install
    Panel day! Most installs are performed within a day.

    Our Inspection
    We schedule the city/county/town inspector to make sure everything is up to code.

    Permission to Operate & Save $$ 
    Once inspector-approved, your utility company replaces your meter and turns your new solar system ON! Enjoy 30+ years of clean reliable energy; and a FATTER wallet from day one!!!